Notice Board

If there's anything you'd like to publicise in the village, please drop us a line  and we'll put it up for you.  Clubs, businesses, inidividuals, everybody's welcome!

Wookey Hole Village Agent

 I am the Village agent for the area. Village agents help people confidentially on a one to one basis to access the help and advice they need, young and old, carers or perhaps those living alone. I have also been to speak at  the parish council meeting and can offer them help with fundraising or something like an Emergency plan for the village.


Barbara Wells This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Your Bus Matters

As you may be aware, Somerset Council is considering a number of cuts to services and changes to concessionary rules. As a result, we have already run a number of Your Bus Matters events in the past few weeks to highlight these proposed cuts . We want to encourage people to come along to have their say and complete the consultation documents.


Mink Caught!

Thanks to plenty of pilchards and a dead mackerel, (used as bait), the mink has been caught and humanely dealt with. Please let Sid at Glencot know if you see signs of any more in the river and he will build another trap.

trapped mink.JPG

Mink Spotted on the Axe

There is a newly arrived mink living in the River Axe in Wookey Hole. No. It’s not a small otter, a weasel or a stoat. It’s been seen at very close range. It’s certainly a mink. It’s also left a trail of destruction in it’s wake.

A load of now departed chickens and pet rabbits, (housed in a fox proof pen, but not mink proof apparently), plus some now departed moorhens etc.

Be aware if you keep any sort of livestock near the river that it is about. Efforts are being made to trap it humanely as mink are classed as a pest.


Sid, Glencot House.

mink-gannet-cc2 copy 1.jpg

Mink attacking Gannet.  Photo by John Anderson, Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 (UK) Licence

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