Wookey Hole WI commemorate the Battle of the Somme.

The  Commonwealth Graves Commission invited WI's to get involved in its' Living Memory Project 'in order to commemorate the centenary of the Battle of the Somme.It was suggested that we might visit the graves of WW1 soldiers who were buried in our locality and stage a commemorative event.   
Wookey Hole WI took up the challenge and not only visited several graves in the area, but the grandchildren of our secretary made crosses adorned with poppies and messages and placed them on the military graves.Many of the soldiers would have died as a result of their wounds or influenza. 
We expanded our tribute to the fallen by creating a WW1 exhibition which featured stories of our own family members and those of local people who were part of the conflict. A bring and share lunch at Wookey Hole  gave us time 
to view the fascinating and often poignant items. 
The children who took part in our project not only learnt about the Battle of the Somme ,which took place from July - November 1916  ,but they were able to explore their own family history too. 
Thanks to Wells Museum for introducing us to Andy Webb and Sue .They assisted us in our research and loaned us some amazing exhibits including a WW1 helmet, shells and other military items. 



Jill Deane  

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