Help Our Flowers and Butterflies!

1.   The fields above Wookey Hole have some of the best, and rarest, Flowers and Butterflies in Somerset. The top end of the drove through these fields is now becoming overshadowed by ash trees.   Natural England’s   Conservation Officer for the Mendip Hills needs to cut them down – but he will need help clearing the branches and tidying up – possibly with a bonfire and has asked for local help.  Dates to be arranged. 
2.   Also over the last few years a team of local people have been conducting a weekly butterfly survey on these fields during the summer months staring the 1st April.  We really  need help. Some advanced knowledge of our butterflies would be useful but not essential – training on the job!

If anyone would like to help with this vital work please email or below or contact me.
Many thanks!
Les Cloutman This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  ; Tel: 673069 ;      8 Coombe Brook , Wookey Hole.

lesc-butterfly1.png                          lesc-butterfly2.png


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