Slow progress is being made on obtaining funding for additional Village Notice Boards. The aim is to stop ‘fly posting’ around the village which is unsightly and 

I believe, illegal.

Initially, we are aiming to obtain funding for two notice boards which are priced at £877 20p each. They are hand crafted in English Oak and will be free 

standing, weatherproof and lockable.

To date we have received £444 from the New Homes Bonus Fund and £663 from St Cuthbert Out Parish Council for which we are very grateful. This makes a 

total of £1107 to date.

We need to obtain another £650 before we place an order for two notice boards.

Currently, I am trying to obtain additional funding from other grants – we know they are available but trying to find them is more difficult, and we plan to have 

some fundraising events in the Spring. 


Jenny Lewisnoticeboards.jpg


+1 #1 Marian 2015-09-22 21:35
That noticeboard of English oak wood is attractive, for sure, also for the fact that it is locked and weatherproof. As a newly arrived resident since July 1st 2015, I've noticed the village notes on poles and styles, sometimes drenched by rain, standing before them and writing down the date of an event.Also I've noticed the empty bus-stop shelter near School lane. I wonder if that's a practical place to put a notice board or to prepare the inside of the shelter, so that it's suitable for note- attachments. Of course each of us needs to walk up to it and this might be impractical, due to our relatively large number of residents over 50 or 60, including myself. The empty inside of this shelter inspires me to imagine a painted decoration for Xmas time. I'm experienced in wall paintings and gladly offer my skill to beautify that shelter.

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