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Changes made in 2012 to the UK planning laws mean that even small communities are now being asked for their views. What does your community think about flooding; about building a new school; about traffic; for example.

Unlike the neighbouring villages of Priddy and Westbury-sub-Mendip, Wookey Hole is not a parish in its own right, with its own council, but a small part of the much larger parish of St Cuthbert Out. In fact until very recently the community was often thought of as a collection of small hamlets, and not actually as one community.

After one particularly contentious planning dispute in the village concerning the building of a car-park, many residents realised that having an organisation that could quickly get in touch with all sectors of the community, could have benefits.

In 2014 Wookey Hole Residents’ Forum was founded to meet this need.

Why a Forum?

The danger with founding any type of society or club is that a few founding members start with much enthusiasm but can then ‘run out of puff’. So Wookey Hole Residents' Forum is not a committee-run organisation, but a federation of working parties, formed by different groups who have each identified a need and want to do something about it’.

The committee organises several meetings every year at which these groups can describe their activities to the rest of the community and at which new groups can be formed, but the ‘actual’ work during the year is carried out by the working parties themselves.


Wookey Hole Residents’ Forum has a constitution, (see here), which allows membership, by anyone over the age of 18 and living in Wookey Hole, Glencot, Haybridge, Hurst Batch or Elm Close. (See here for a map). There is no fee for joining and so far all costs incurred by the Forum have been met through donations. Those running businesses in the five areas can become associate members and can attend meetings, but are not eligible to vote.

Who are the committee members?

For a list of the current committee and their contact details. See here.

How do I get involved?

There are currently thirteen Working Parties. Why not contact the group leader if you would like to be involved with a particular activity.

For a list of the current working parties, see here.

If you would like to hear about future Wookey Hole Residents’ Forum events, please see here, to add your name to the Wookey Hole Residents’ Forum mailing list. (Your details will not be passed to any other organization and every effort is made to ensure that your contact details will not be available to other members of the Forum).

Your views and ideas are important to us, please get in touch.


Nicky Amos Secretary

Wookey Hole Residents’ Forum

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