Wookey Hole WI AGM

Jill welcomed everyone including our tellers Lynne and 
Patsy from Croscombe WI

We commenced our meeting with a rousing rendition of 'Jerusalem'

A few interesting events are due as summer approaches and plans for these were put in place. They include afternoon tea at Jills house, a visit to the Lavender Farm and lunch at Sue's.

Resolutions were discussed . Lesley H addressed the Country Bus Resolution and Myrtle tackled the Pro's and Con's of Cervical Smear Tests

Both were unanimously passed although some slight change of wording was suggested for the resolution about smear tests.

We voted for discretion for both resolutions.

Presentation and adoption of the Financial, the Committee and the Presidents report followed. Jenny thanked Jill,the President and Anne thanked the Committee.

Two of our committee members decided not to stand this  year. Jill thanked Elizabeth and Rose for their outstanding contribution  over the years.

Two new members were proposed and Jill welcomed Pat and Lavinia to the team.

There were no further nominations for President and Jill was  willing to continue in the post. The tellers were thanked , competitions 
were judged, and refreshments enjoyed.

We meet on the 1st Monday of the month at 2.30pm in Wookey  Hole Community Hall

Visitors and new members  are most welcome

Jill Deane

Wookey Hole WI

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