Jill welcomed everyone back after the Christmas holiday although our numbers were deplete mainly due to illness . 
Members were thanked for the extra items that they had given to the  Food Bank.  We were told that extra parcels were able to be provided to those in need over  the Christmas period.
It was Resolution voting time and we quickly completed our choices.
Our speaker was Christina Blackwill who demonstrated 'The Great British Shake Off'......Keep Fit with Shakers. Tina visits many different groups and she soon had us joining in with her as we shook our shakers in time to the music. She was careful to warn us not to move any parts of us that hurt and several of us made a mental notes to protect our vulnerable 'bits' .  We didn't need to worry though as it was fun , gentle and enjoyable. It was probably the nearest thing we shall get to being Cheer Leaders !
Pauline J thanked her for an entertaining afternoon .
The competition to make a pom-pom reminded us of the cardboard milk bottle tops that we used in the past . There was even a hole in the middle for the straw.
1st Jill D ....2nd Pat  B.....3rd ....Myrtle S
Flower of the Month.  1st  Elizabeth R ...2nd  Jill D.....3rd  Pat B 
It appears that our gardens are still providing lovely blooms.
     Jill Deane Wookey Hole WI 

 wi jan 19

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