Wookey Hole WI - November 2018


The Nov meeting was well attended and best wishes were sent to one of our members who had broken her arm.     

Five of us had attended the recent SCFWI Annual Meeting and our delegate Sue H updated our members.It was an informative day with some excellent speakers including Jenny Bond.

Myrtle and Sue B proudly carried our banner in the opening parade.
wi nov 2018Once again our W.I. are displaying a memorial tribute in St Cuthberts Church Wells. Personalstories have been told and Jenny has made two beautiful Remembrance Wall Hangings. 
Numerous poppies were made from wool, felt, silk and even red serviettes.We included a tribute to animal victims of war. Jill thanked everyone for their contributions.
Our Speaker was Stewart Sheppard who clearly loved his varied interests. With the aid of a musical quiz he took us through the changing years from WW2 , Teddy Boys, Mods and Rockers and the Beatles.
As a collector of 'junk' he showed us items from these era's that most of us would have thrown away. He has found items in skips that have proved to be quite valuable. 
Amid much laughter Sue B thanked him for entertaining us.Stewart judged our competition to make a recycled item 1st Sue B..2nd Lesley R..3rd Jill
Our gardens are still producing lovely blooms 1st Jan....2nd Pat ...3rd Jill
Jill reminded everyone to continue to bring Christmas treats for the Food Bank.
Jill Deane Wookey Hole WI.       Photograph attached.of the Wookey Hole WI tribute

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