Minutes of WHRF meeting held at Wookey Hole Club 26th August 2021

Minutes of WHRF meeting held at Wookey Hole Club 26th August 2021

Present Julia Scarth-Chair, Sarah Mardle-Secretary, Doug Robinson, Roger Hancock, Sarah Chambers, Charlie Chambers

1: Apologies for absence.    Chloe Parish

2. Minutes of last meeting 16th June 2021 were agreed and signed & will be posted on Wookey Hole Website

3: Treasurers Report - Sarah C
Sarah C reported one expense for Public Liability Insurance £96
The current bank balance is £1588.50 (£520 being held for Parish council grant) and we are holding £540.73 for LWTST leaving WHRF's balance of £527.77 minus £96 = £431.77

4. Traffic in the village (Sarah C)
Sarah reported that the village traffic count will be taking place this week. Tony Hathaway from the Parish Council has requested as full a picture of the situation as possible, including pedestrians, horses & cyclists so manual count is very important.
Chloe P has agreed to liase with Ed Danson & gather all the information together & create a report of the findings. Individual surveys, photo's, examination of signs, bends etc. have already been completed, just need the traffic count to complete the findings. The village will be asked to review the report before it is submitted to the Parish Council & then SCC.
6 automatic counters are being installed by SCC & they will share their findings.

5. Future events - Bring and Share supper and date for AGM (Roger H)
It was agreed that the annual bring & share supper will be held on 22nd January 2022 in the community hall. Ticket price £3. Roger H said he would sell tickets to his group & Sarah M would sell the rest of the tickets, log names & dishes to be brought along.
Julia to find a volunteer to do the quiz. Sue Lee has said that she will help with the raffle again.

It was agreed to hold the annual WHRF AGM in the community centre on 18th November 2021 cheese & wine will be served & Sam Mills from Wookey Ales has kindly agreed to provide some Ale.
A pre meeting will be held the week before on 11/11/21 to make final arrangements.

Julia to check what is needed re voting procedures and such like

Charlie has agreed to create some posters & leaflets for the AGM.

Roger to check dates are ok for the Community Hall with Jenny Lewis.

Julia to ask Sandy Witters if the WH Fair is to go ahead next year.
Julia reported that the Film Club are meeting 31/08/21 & aim to start showing films again in October.

6. Local planning applications updates

Sarah noted that the Coombe Brook/Homestead Park application is still on hold pending the outcome of the phosphate issue.

Trout Bend – Melitta has spoken to SCC about the footpath and also had quite a lot of responses from people in the village.  Partly as a result of pressure of work she has however decided to step down from pursuing the goal of getting the footpath reinstated.  She would be happy to share her findings with anyone else who might want to take it on.
Julia will do a notice asking for a new volunteer.
Julia to ask Ed Danson if WH Caves gained or needed planning permission for the fenced off rubbish dump.

Pyrocore- Pyrolysis site at Haybridge - Because of the time lost during Covid, SCC have granted Pyrocore another 1 year temporary license until July 2022. Pyrocore will continue to use the site to display the equipment to potential customers. Pyrocore have reported that they have bought a plant at Avonmouth to manufacture pyrolysis equipment to sell.  

Land at back of LA Moore site - Haybridge   Residents have been voicing their concerns about the large area that has been cleared recently & asking what was being planned for the area.
Julia to speak to Mike Pullen.

7. Parish Council (Julia)
Julia reported that Ed Danson has confirmed the Parish Council has approved plans to restore the old bus shelter at the bottom of School Hill. Notice boards & benches are to be built & the history of the village & an information hub will be displayed here.

8. AOB
The Parish Council have informed us that Take Art Funding is available again, to get comedy & music performers into the village, we have forwarded on the email to the mailing list. Sarah C to contact Dave Hudsmith to see if interested.

A report is still awaited from Mendip District Council explaining how the concrete paths on Holeground are permissible.

John Grange has renewed the website licenses for another year, it was agreed that Sarah M would put on each agenda the number of hits the web site receives.

9: Next meeting
AGM pre meeting - Thursday 11 November 2021, 19.30. WH Club

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