A Couple of Important Things - Low Carbon Competition & Food Bank

Thank you to those who ventured out on a wet windy night last Thursday to attend the WHRF AGM. The minutes of the meeting will follow in due course but a couple of things that we wanted to flag up now are:-


Wookey Hole Residents’ Forum Low Carbon Competition

At the WHRF AGM Joanna Davey suggested an idea for a competition to encourage villagers to reduce their carbon footprint.

At an early stage the broad idea is to run a competition seeking ideas for reducing our use of carbon either individually, or collectively, in our local area. There would be a cash prize to put the winning idea into action.

We are all aware of the damage human activity is having on our world; reducing bio diversity, increasing environmental degradation, and adverse climate change. All leading to a world that is more hostile to life; plant, animal and human.

We each have a part to play in finding solutions so we can live in greater harmony with our world. Many positive things are already happening; increasing use of renewable energy, (some generated by individuals and community groups) more bio-degradable packaging, more recycling, shifting to electric vehicles. There is much more we can do and the purpose of this competition would be to encourage us to do a little more by raising awareness, sharing ideas, and supporting everyone to play their part.

To put this idea into action WHRF is setting up a working group and we are seeking volunteers to help make it happen. We think this is a positive response to the challenges we face and expect broad support from our villagers. To find out more or volunteer to work on putting this into action, please contact Joanna Davey - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 01749 670425.


Items needed for Wells Food Bank

We continue to collect items for Wells Foodbank. The need is still great and all that is donated is very gratefully received. See list below of things most needed currently. There is a box in the porch at church so you can put things in there at any time. Sandy and David then take these gifts to the Food Bank on the last Wednesday of the month.


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