Wookey Hole Residents Forum Minutes 19th August 2020



Minutes of WHFC meeting via Zoom 19th August 2020

Present Julia Scarth-Chair, Sarah Mardle-Secretary, Roger Hancock-Treasurer, Doug Robinson, Sarah Chambers, Chloe Parish

1: Apologies for absence.    Charlie Chambers, Sue Lee

2: Minutes of last meeting 17th June 2020 were agreed and signed & will be posted on Wookey Hole Website

3: Tribute to Hugh
The members gave feedback on how the village tribute to Hugh Talbott went, a   large number of villagers lined the streets to pay their respects & say a fond farewell to Hugh, it was a very moving moment & Hugh's family were very touched.
Roger proposed and it was agreed that Julia should be reimbursed for the flowers given to Elizabeth on behalf of the Forum      
4: Road working group.
Sarah C has spoken to Mike Pullin about the traffic issues in Wookey Hole & the need for traffic calming measures & he seems very enthusiastic. He has suggested that he walks through the village with members from the Residents Forum to see what the issues are.
Sarah Chambers, Roger Hancock & Julia Scarth will join him. Sarah C to contact Mike Pullin & arrange a suitable date.

Sarah M reported that the scheme figures had been finalised.
Income     £6556.73
Expenses  £6091.00

Profit        £465.73

£400 of this were the 2 donations made by Elizabeth Rennie

6: Treasurer's Report
  £1179.57     Total Opening Bal.- £520 Parish council grant,  £659.57 WHRF
 £1720.30        Closing Bal.
-£540.73         Difference

£ 465.73          LWTST credit
 £  75.00          Milk Hut Cheque not cashed yet
£ 540.73        

7: Neighbourhood Plan
Because Neighbourhood Plans have been used recently to protect local green spaces, the committee discussed whether it would be beneficial to contact Ian Humphreys & Tony Hathway, the Parish Councillors who are working on a draft of the new Neighbourhood Plan. Concerns were raised about whether it was worth any time & effort due to the lack of success last time, but the committee agreed that it would be beneficial to make contact - Julia Scarth to contact them.
The inspector for the Local Plan Part 2 has postponed the planned meeting in October, it will be rescheduled.
All agreed that it was beneficial to email the mailing list when large planning applications were made in & around Wookey Hole.

8; Lockdown experiences
A volunteer has not been found to create a web site for Lockdown Experiences. It was felt that a one off "Lockdown Experiences" publication would be a good idea & Chloe Parish agreed to arrange an email to send out to the mailing list asking for residents experiences.
9: Truespeed
A Truespeed Zoom meeting was held for the villagers but only 5 people attended.
There are approx 230 properties in Wookey Hole & Truespeed need between 90-100 households to sign up for it to be financially viable for them. So far they only have 34 orders.

It was reported that Truespeed costs £47.50 p.m. this includes internet & a phone line. They do 2  telephone call bolt ons -  £6.99 p.m. for 24/7 free telephone calls or £2.99 p.m. for free pm & weekend calls.
When Truespeed have the numbers required they will schedule the installation.
Our contact at Truespeed is Tony & he can be contacted on 07507 765692

10: New Committee Members
Discussion took place about how best to advertise for new committee members.
It was felt that an advert emailed out to the mailing list & also recommendations from committee members would be useful.  

11: Future Events
None to be planned at the moment

12: Next meeting via Zoom 7th October 7.30pm, No AGM will be planned, we will discuss further at next meeting.

13: AOB
None reported

Stay safe stay well.

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