Wookey Hole Residents Forum Minutes 17/06/20




Minutes of WHFC meeting via Zoom 17th June 2020


Present Julia Scarth-Chair. Sarah Mardle-Secretary. Doug Robinson. Sarah Chambers. Chloe Parish. Sue Lee-taking minutes

1: Apologies for absence.    Charlie Chambers. Roger Hancock

2: Minutes of last meeting 13th May 2020 were agreed and signed

3: Hugh Talbot, founder of WHRF and former chairman passed away on June 12th.
    His funeral will be on 26th June at 1pm, As a mark of respect and to say our final goodbyes,
   all those wishing to, can line the route from his home to the bottom of Milton Lane, an email will be sent to residents.
   Flowers and card to be sent from committee. Julia will arrange. Hugh will be so sorely missed.

4:Feedback on meeting via Zoom with councillors and MPs June 12th
   Present from committee- Julia Scarth. Sarah Mardle, Sarah Chambers and Doug Robinson
   Tessa Munt and James Heapy attended. It was well supported by local residents.
    Ros Wyke leader of MDC answered all questions and notes were taken by Lisa Poole,
   these notes will hopefully be available at the end of next week.
  James Heapy has objected to the planning on Armchair ground.
  He suggested reading 'Living with Beauty' a document that is not yet in Government policy 
5: Road working group.
  An email was sent out to all residents asking what they would like to happen in the village regarding traffic and roads.  Only 6 responses were received so another email will be sent as a reminder.
   As the traffic in Milton Lane has increased due to SAT navs, it was suggested that perhaps a sign could be erected at the top to read 'unsuitable for heavy vehicles' or 'No Access to caves'.
  Mike Pullin was asked about possible 20mph signs to be erected,  but as they have to be in a certain radius of a school, this might not be possible.  Sarah C will phone him and enquire.

6: Treasurer's Report
  £1179 Total
  £520 Parish council grant
  £659 WHRF

   Currently on 12th delivery, people are mostly using scheme as back up, with restrictions lifted they are now doing their own shopping.    

    9 orders this week compared to 21 previous weeks.
    From July 1st, Lisa and Mark Lunnon will soon be opening a fruit and veg shop from Myrtle Farm, they will be offering home delivery.
    This could take over from LWTST which looks likely to finish in July.
    An email will be sent to residents informing them of Myrtle Farm Fruit and Veg.

8: WHRF bank account.
  Julia Scarth, Sarah Chambers and Sarah Mardle are now official signatories.
   Other signatories are Roger Hanock, Nancy Sampson and Hugh Talbot.
   Nancy Sampson & Hugh Talbot's names will be removed after lockdown.

9; Minutes of WHRF web-site 
   It was agreed that starting from last month's meeting 13th May 2020 minutes will now be put on the website.

10: Sharing group
      A new website is being considered for residents to share lockdown experiences, from Art, Music, Recipes etc.
      Unfortunately Nicky Davey, due to other commitments, can't oversee it, but suggested other avenues.
      Sam Mills will be asked if he would like to help to get this up and running.

11: AOB.
     Next meeting via Zoom 29th July 2020 10am

Stay safe stay well.




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