A Message from the Village Agent

A Message from the Village Agent…………..

My name is Julie Antoniadis and I am the Village Agent for Godney, Meare and Westhay, Sharpham Wookey and Wookey Hole.

The Village Agents scheme is in response to the fact that many people living in rural communities have difficulties in accessing key services and support agencies that help maintain well being and quality of life.

Do you live alone and need help with a problem that is spoiling your everyday life?

Do you have a problem that can be fixed by accessing the right people, services or agencies?

Are you a carer that needs a little help and support?

Are you new to living alone and need some advice?

Does your community have a collective problem that needs a kick start to solve?

Any problem, no matter how small see if I can help All advice is free and completely confidential

Contact me by phone:- 07950 783069 or by email:- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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