Ebborlands Riding Centre

Amongst other leisure activities available in the village, Wookey Hole is fortunate to boast a fine riding stables. The stable yard and school are situated in the old farmyard of Ebbor Hall Farm. When Ebbor Hall ceased to be a working farm the land was purchased by Mr. W.S. Hodgkinson who later sold to Thomas Beale. Mr Beale farmed dairy cattle until 1971 and sheds in the yard are witness to this period. For many years the farm buildings also housed the Hunt horses. A little further up the road is Kennel Batch Cottage where for many years the hounds were kept. The road itself is further testimony to the hunt, being named Kennel Batch. The house of Ebborlands Farm used to be called Ebbor View.


Started in 1974 by Eileen Gibbs the original school worked with only three horses, initially requiring only one part-time employee. The business grew and with the continued support of her family now employs 2 full time and 2 part time workers. Nine horses are now used under the Riding School Licence for the general public. The stables themselves hold an additional 22 horses. A good community spirit is apparent when the livery owners are tending their own horses.


In August 1977 the outdoor school was built and provided the riding centre with a much needed area for proper riding lessons and horse schooling. With the erection of the indoor school in April 1983 the riding centre was able to offer all year round facilities and evening lessons.


For many years the ‘Wookey Hole Riding for the Disabled Association’ have used the riding centre. This is a charity organization which teaches disabled adults and children to ride a horse to the best of their ability for therapy and fun.



D. Reynolds, D. Hudsmith

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