Wookey Hole Wildlife Blog - Easter 2016

Near the bridge into the caves car  park I saw the flash of a black and white tail - a  Wheatear!  It was only passing  through.  They come up from sub Saharan Africa about now on their way to upland areas of  Wales or Exmoor, but it could go as far as Norway or even Iceland. A huge journey for such a small bird. Just  for an afternoon delighted me with its company. img1.png
img2.png I wonder if any of you will hear the cuckoo this spring – they very rarely heard  near our village these days .  Ham Walls on the levels is a good bet. 
The Wells SWT have a walk there on Tuesday  3rd of May, meeting in the Ashcott corner car park. at 7.00pm (ST449397).  Ham Walls is a real hot spot for all sorts of birds and other wildlife – If you haven’t heard them before it would be a chance to hear bitterns booming!  img3.png


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