Wookey Hole W.I. Report of June Meeting


President Jill welcomed everyone including our speakers
Steve Mewes and Shelley.

We recently had an afternoon tea party at Jills house. The
weather was kind and it was a great success.

Plans were made for a visit to the Lavender Farm in July
which we are looking forward to.

At our recent AGM we lost two committee members and gained
two new ones. Jill welcomed Pat and Lavinia to the team

and thanked Elizabeth and Rose for their hard work.

Competition cups were awarded to Jill and Jan .

Steve who is Campaign Manager for Somerset Wildlife Trust,
spoke to us about Somerset Nature and Climate change.

He grew up locally and first became interested in wildlife
when he became concerned about the plight and treatment of the whales in
our oceans

He stressed that we all have to change to improve our planet.
Some things are being done but not enough. CO 2 levels are increasing at
an alarming rate.

Somerset is a county under threat by climate change as 15%
of the county is at, or only slightly above, sea level. Extreme weather
conditions are expected to worsen

and we need to adapt and plan ahead for changes in the
future .Wildlife is being affected by the changes. I t certaily made us
think .

Lesley H thanked him and Shelley . It is a subject that
particlarly interests Lesley

Competition for a painting / drawing of a bird . 1st
Jill......2nd Sue B .....3rd Sue H.

Flowers....1st Pauline J ...2nd Sue H .......3rd Pat. As usual
the many flowers were beautiful

Tea / cake and a chance to chat followed . New members or
visitors welcome .Ring 675477 if interested.

Jill Deane ....Wookey Hole W.I. Photo of some of our members and
guests at our recent tea party attached.



Wookey Hole W.I. News

July and August tend to be a relaxing month for our W.I. and this year we have taken advantage of the lovely weather.

Two of our members joined WI  ladies from other clubs when we supported the Somerset Wildlife Trust. We hiked to Cook's field on the Mendip hills where 185.5 mts of bunting was arranged into a large heart shape. The bunting  had been made by 4,000 W.I. members in Somerset as part of the Green Hearts Campaign which aimed at showing the effect of global warming on our wildlife. Members of our WI had contributed to the bunting so taking part and supporting the trust felt very worthwhile.
We had fun hosting the W.I. County Quiz in July and meeting  and welcoming the teams from other local WI.'s
It was a close run contest but Wookey Hole now go on to the next round.
A coffee morning at Jill's house in late July was followed by afternoon tea at Sue's house in August.The weather was kind to us on both occasions and we enjoyed the chance to relax and chat.
Some of us explored Sue's beautiful garden although she told us that the deer had eaten the roses.
I hoped that I might see some deer but they were avoiding the W.I.!
  We meet at Wookey Hole Community Hall on the first Monday of the month at 2.30pm.
Visitors and new members are most welcome,
    Jill Deane
heic1406a_400.jpg In Wookey Hole we will hold a Dark Skies event on Thursday 10th November from 8pm if the weather is clear, if the forecast is not good we will try again on Tuesday 22nd November.  The event will be held at Trout Stream House in Glencot Lane (BA5 1BH) and an astronomical telescope will be available for viewing the sky if it is clear.  More details will be available nearer the time, but anyone who wants to register an interest in the event should email Gary Amos at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Gary Amos
WHRF Dark Skies Initiative


Wookey Hole W.I.report of July Meeting

President Jill welcomed everyone to one of the hottest meetings that we could remember

despite the welcome breeze from several fans.

 Our recent visit to the Somerset Rural Life Museum was a great success and we appreciated the current Suffragette Exhibition which was on display. We have two Summer gatherings planned which enables us to relax and enjoy a good ‘natter’

   Our speaker was Annie Sapsead. She is a Natural Health Practitioner specializing in Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Reiki Healing. She has 20 years experience and her interest began when her arthritic mother benefited greatly from the treatment. We were treated to Rose and Geranium Oils which we massaged into our hands. Annie demonstrated the importance of this as we exercised our wrists and fingers.

She explained other treatments that benefit our health and  she also treats patients in nursing homes.

Sheila thanked her for her interesting talk.

Competition for a candle holder was 1st Pat B, 2nd Rose D

3rd Jill D.

Flower of the month 1st Jill D, 2nd Sue H ,3RD Maggie P

Silver cups for last years competitions were awarded to Jan S

and Jill D.

The afternoon ended with very welcome refreshments.

Two of our members are unwell and best wishes were sent to them by everyone.


Jill Deane

The attached photograph shows our members with the magnificent shire horse that is made from farm implements. His mane and leg feathers are fine chains.


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